3 Reasons Why Liquidity Dividends Protocol (LID) Will Be a Huge Winner

Liquidity Dividends ProtocolSince 2017, cryptocurrency has experienced both the crazy highs and the crazy lows with fortunes being made and lost overnight.  That volatility is one of the main reasons why cryptocurrency has been relatively slow to gain mass adoption.  In addition to volatility, another concern for many is the lack of security and regulation in the market.  This can be seen through the countless exchange hacks and rug pulls that seem to occur on a weekly basis.  In order for cryptocurrency to move into the next stage of maturity and bring on mass adoption, investors and users will need to feel secure knowing that their funds are safe.  One promising organization that may have the perfect solution is Liquidity Dividends Protocol (LID).

What is Liquidity Dividends Protocol?

Liquidity Dividends Protocol is an up and coming organization that provides locked liquidity services to cryptocurrency projects that launch their offerings through ERC-20 tokens.  It lets non-custodial pre-sales lock liquidity of a token in a trustless manner through Uniswap.  This locking process will prevent every investor’s worst nightmare of seeing their hard-earned money disappear through “rug pull” scams that are designed to remove liquidity out of DeFi projects.

This year has seen an explosion of interest in Uniswap and DeFi projects.  Many investors have generated enormous returns on investments, but many have experienced the pain of being duped.  Below are three reasons why LID Protocol is poised to be a massive winner in the coming years.

Reason #1 – Smart Contracts

As mentioned earlier, one of the main issues preventing crypto from gaining mass adoption is the hesitation that potential new investors feel.  Even with the price of Bitcoin nearing its all-time high, investors are uneasy about depositing their hard-earned money into projects they don’t understand, and feel are too risky.  After the SUSHI incident where the lead developer pulled liquidity and swapped his tokens for Ethereum, it’s a completely understandable point of view.

The question is, what can the crypto community do to make potential investors feel more at ease?  One answer is by having new projects that raise funds through presales opt in to locked liquidity protocols, such as those offered by LID Protocol.  The smart contracts used by LID will trustlessly lock liquidity that is deposited into Uniswap and prevent lead developers from removing liquidity such as what occurred with SUSHI.

New projects that opt to utilize LID Protocol will be considered certified, which will work to reassure the investing community that their funds are safe and won’t be stolen in the middle of the night.

Reason #2 – Community Driven

One of the biggest issues facing staking platforms is when agents decide to sell tokens during a rapid market decline.  While that action may be based out of self-preservation, it does little to benefit the community as a whole, which is an essential component of building a successful platform that will stand the test of time.  In order to offer a potential solution to this common problem, LID Staking focuses on offering increased incentives to users that perform beneficial actions for the community as a whole.  A few examples of this include:

  • A voting multiplier which encourages participation in DAO votes
  • Staking referrals
  • DAO tax rewards

Reason #3 – LID Token Price Will Appreciate

While investors certainly appreciate a project’s efforts to build a long-term sustainable project, many will of course be focused on the efforts being made to boost the token price.  When a token price increases, it boosts the community’s confidence in the project, which has a positive trickle-down effect on all matters.  As it relates to LID specifically, there are a few reasons why I believe the token price will appreciate substantially in the coming months and years.

The first reason why the token price should appreciate is the LID token buyback and burn.  20% of LID fees from each presale will be used to buyback and burn LID tokens.  As the circulating supply is reduced, the price of LID should naturally increase.  We’ve seen this process work for countless other crypto tokens.

The second reason for potential token appreciation is the incentives offered to LID stakers.  Of these incentives, the most profitable one will likely be native token airdrops.  Crypto investors absolutely love airdrops and will typically buy up tokens to stake in order to be able to participate.  As the demand for airdrops picks up, the rush to buy tokens will work to send LID much higher.

The last reason is simply the growth of DeFi.  Decentralized Exchange trading volume was approximately $3.7B in July, with Uniswap accounting for roughly 47% of total trading volume.  As institutional demand for cryptocurrency grows and adoption continues to take hold, the growth will be spectacular.  Unfortunately, as growth comes, so too will the number of scam projects.  With each scam, investors will learn and realize that only certified projects can be trusted.  This come to Jesus moment will benefit LID Protocol, resulting in substantially more business, and further reason for token appreciation.


Cryptocurrency has come a long way since its beginnings.  Little by little, the industry continues to mature and make inroads in attracting new users.  Although the growth has been substantial, it could be even stronger if the industry implements policies and procedures to eliminate, or, at the very least, drastically reduce the number of scams that end up shaking the confidence of potential investors.  Liquidity Dividends Protocol has created a brilliant plan to achieve that goal and it’s only a matter of time before being LID certified is mandatory for projects that want to appear credible in the eyes of investors.

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