Sato, a boiler that mines bitcoin

WisElement , a French startup developing innovative solutions that reduce the energy consumption of buildings, is launching its WiseMining brand, for its future range of products and services specializing in Bitcoin mining in the residential sector.

Sato, the brand’s first product, is an auxiliary boiler that uses the heat produced by Asics Bitcoin to produce hot water.

Sato is aimed at all individuals who want to own bitcoin in the long term, benefiting from an interesting economic equation. Indeed, the user will not spend more energy on heating than usual and will mine bitcoins.

Depending on the configuration chosen and the power level, the hot water thus produced can supply a hot water tank for domestic use or be used in a heating circuit upstream of an existing system. The first models will be equipped with 5 Asics cards, i.e. a consumption of around 5000W.

In addition to this offer, WisElement plans to offer a rental management service allowing professionals or investors to acquire a fleet of machines that will be rented to individuals. Maintenance and troubleshooting are the responsibility of the investor, the electricity bill paid by the user. The investor can redistribute part of the gains obtained.

All Satos are designed to mine for the benefit of the investor who is free to change the quantity and model of cards and who manages his bitcoin production himself without any control from WisElement . In accordance with the Bitcoin spirit, the material is open hardware and software.

The Sato boiler is currently in industrialization for the opening of pre-orders during the month of March.

This video shows the assembly of the prototype:

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