Wallex: The Rainbow in The European Grey Zone

Wallex: The Rainbow in The European Grey ZoneThe evolution of new digital technologies has created a new shift in the value proposition for financial products and services. Digital asset management based on distributed ledger technology has opened the gates to financial institutions and regulators, with the aim of disrupting this new wave. Nevertheless, it has also opened the door for the creation of fresh and innovative opportunities and ways of conducting business.

Who Is Wallex?

Amidst the beginning of the technological wave, Simone Mazzuca found a missing piece in the grey zone in digital asset management, therefore creating the revolutionary and borderless company Wallex. Constructing the legal-framework of Wallex, Mr Mazzuca carefully projected his views in the various challenges of the existing financial services industry, and with his team of experts put to use distributed ledger technology creating multiple innovative operational features and functionalities. The innovative features are clearly visible in the structural implementations of the company, which presents new forms of conducting business and serving critical advice.

In a mere year, Wallex has become a next-generation financial solution provider enabling both individuals and businesses to swiftly and securely engage in financial operations, eliminating the regulatory fears of borders.

Who is Wallex, you may ask? Wallex is a group of financial companies based in Europe, Asia and the United States of America. Wallex as a financial institution provides asset protection services, which include a custody service, borderless banking solutions, OTC services, exchange platform, property management, crowd-funding operations and international licenses to operate for business and individuals, therefore, providing the software and operational platforms for anyone willing to bridge the traditional and digital banking operations. This can be done not only due to the technological capabilities, but also due to the banking relationships, regulatory licenses and the companies strict compliance procedures for anti-money laundering (5th Directive Anti-Money Laundry) and know-your-customer (KYC) procedures Wallex puts forth.

With a robust stance in the insurance banking sector and wealth management, Wallex has created a decentralised deposit system, significantly increasing the security level of deposits and exponentially increasing the remuneration of active rate accounts. By combining the newest technologies, Mr Mazzuca saw a possibility to create a new form of currency, one he questioned, why it did not exist. As such, EURST was formed.

The Rainbow in The European Grey Zone

EURST is a live audited asset-backed stable coin which represents 1€ worth of USD, secured by the accounts of the federal reserve and Wallex Trust itself. The token is issued on the Ethereum network and is well-established to the ERC-20 standards. Furthermore, the stable coin enables users to conduct faster and cheaper financial transactions such as storing funds with a trusted custodian, making online payments and sending remittances around the world. EURST enables quick and easy transactions whilst painting the monetary value of one’s funds. What is more, EURST is fully transparent and live audited momentary as transactions are recorded on the digital ledger.

Enabled by the creation of borderless operations, secure asset management functionalities and the strength of reputational licenses, the knowledge of Wallex’s constructs have conquered the current nature and future of the digital movement. Therefore, bring light onto Wallex not only proving to be the new invisible giant but has also opened a door for a new organisation.

Introducing ICBA, the International Crypto-Business Association. The founder being Mr Mazzuca, one can only imagine what as an association ICBA can bring forth. The organisation serves as a catalyst between the digital and traditional world of finance. It brings light into the gap of understanding how blockchain technology and digital asset management can expand one’s understanding of the world we live in today. In current structuring, ICBA is a creation that deems excellent interest.

In conclusion, it is apparent that the financial and wealth management sector is showcasing a change in movement, presenting fruitful opportunities within the digital asset management sector. What is needed is a trustful partner that can guide you into understanding the movement, and that distributed ledger technology is not a hoax, this Mr Mazzuca portrays within these organisations.

It is time we have been given the clarity we deserve and the opportunity to expand our financial rights equally. Blockchain technology has been here for a while, and it was created for a reason, it is time to understand what this reason is, and it looks like the Rainbow is the one who will provide us with this.

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