Snowden Reacts to Bitcoin’s New Price Milestone — Whistleblower Tweets ‘One word: Bitcoin’

Snowden Reacts to Bitcoin's New Price Milestone — Whistleblower Tweets 'One word: Bitcoin'The price of bitcoin has just hit a historic milestone in a turbulent year, crossing the $20,000 threshold, refreshing its all-time high, and well-known crypto advocates such as Edward Snowden have been reacting to the news on social media.

Snowden Reacts to Bitcoin All-Time Highs

The famous American whistleblower published a brief but widely discussed statement among his followers on bitcoin:

One word: bitcoin

The tweet just came days after he also remembered his call on a BTC price comment he made back on March 13, 2020:

This is the first time in a while I’ve felt like buying bitcoin. That drop was too much panic and too little reason.

At that time, the bottom done by bitcoin was made in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic outbreak that started to hit the world, which helped to fuel the selling pressure on BTC prices towards the $3,600 level.

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Snowden and His Bitcoin Advocacy Background

Snowden, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee, and National Security Agency (NSA) subcontractor has not hidden his interest in bitcoin. In recent years, he has made several bitcoin-friendly comments during interviews made from his exile in Russia.

At the Bitcoin 2019 Conference, the whistleblower revealed that the servers he used to leak thousands of the famous documents that made him famous were paid in BTC. Also, in 2018, he referred to crypto mining, stating at that time that bitcoin’s prices reflected the society that believes in its “usefulness” as a means of exchange:

The reward for winning a round, once worth mere pennies, is now around one hundred thousand dollars, making it economically reasonable for people to divert enormous amounts of energy, and data centers full of computer equipment, toward the math — or ‘mining’ — contest. Town-sized Godzillas of computation are being poured into this competition, ratcheting the difficulty of the problems beyond comprehension.

Several of his followers have also encouraged on his tweet about bitcoin’s ATH that he should be pardoned, as the crypto community has been vocal during the last few days in the midst of unconfirmed rumors that Julian Assange, Ross Ulbricht, and Snowden could be pardoned by the US President Donald Trump. However, nothing has been confirmed as of press time.

What do you think about Snowden’s bitcoin advocacy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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