Paris Blockchain Week Summit hailed a success by 3000+ attendees

Paris Blockchain Week Summit exceeded expectations this week with more than 3,100 attendees across 100 countries despite it all being hosted virtually.

The conference was hosted on the Hopin platform, where attendees could network with others, visit bespoke virtual booths and listen to talks on a variety of stages.

Commenting on the conclusion of the event, Michael Amar, Co-Host of PBWS, “We’re excited to conclude the second highly-successful edition of the PBWS.

“2020 has seen unprecedented levels of interest and adoption in blockchain technology, with the number of use-cases at an all time high and cryptocurrency markets looking incredibly bullish looking forward to 2021.

“We’re proud to have welcomed the innovators and leaders of the emerging technologies space to discuss this latest phase in the maturation of the industry.”

The event took place at a time with Bitcoin having just tested its $20,000 all-time high, and the excitement was clear to see with more than 10,000 messages being exchanged between attendees on the Hopin platform.

Prominent speakers included Ryan Selkis, Co-Founder & CEO of Messari; Arthur Breitman, Early Tezos Architect; Ben Livshits, Chief Scientist at Brave Software; Ryan Zurrer, Founder of Dialectic; Kathleen Breitman, Co-Founder of Tezos and Coase; Emin Gün Sirer, Founder & CEO of Ava Labs; Dan Morehead, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital and Denelle Dixon, CEO & Executive Director of the Stellar Development Foundation.

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