LEAD Wallet Launches Its Super Simple Application; Even Your Grandma Would Be Able to Use It

LEAD Wallet Launches Its Super Simple Application; Even Your Grandma Would Be Able to Use ItPRESS RELEASE. Lead Wallet, a new crypto wallet application, has officially been launched on Google Play Store, and it will also launch its iOS and web version soon. This crypto wallet application is different from other existing wallet apps because it aims to be a super simple crypto app that most people would find easy to use; even your grandma would be able to use it.

Even though Lead Wallet is still a very new project, it already has several unique features inside the app. First of all, you can send and receive various cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tezos, BNB (Binance Smart chain), Near, Stellar, and many others. You can even send and receive all ERC-20 tokens, which covers the majority of the existing crypto tokens inside the Ethereum ecosystem.

On top of that, Lead Wallet also allows you to do non-custodial, instant swaps across different chains, for example, from BTC to TRX, and so on. Using advanced API, LEAD Swap also integrates Uniswap transactions for its ERC-20 to ERC-20 token swaps. You can do all kinds of transactions via the Lead Wallet Swap interface, both cross-chain and on-chain, without the need to go to centralized exchanges. Everything is offered on one page. And when LEAD adds more support for other altcoins, you will be able to enjoy even more cross-chain support in Lead-Swap.

The core team behind Lead Wallet is also adding more big features to the wallet app, which would include fiat on/off ramp, multi-signature integration, multisender, a goods and services marketplace, staking service, more native integration with DeFi protocols, and others.

Lead Token: the Heart of the LEAD Ecosystem

Inside the Lead Wallet application, there’s a native crypto token of this ecosystem called the LEAD token. The token acts as the heart of the entire ecosystem. 30% of Lead Wallet’s quarterly profit will be used to buyback and burn LEAD tokens until only 30% of the total supply is left. Just like most crypto exchange tokens that you already know, the idea is to create a natural price floor and demand for the token as long as the app itself makes consistent revenue (which will come from the Lead-Swap and other revenue-generating features of Lead Wallet).

On top of that, Lead token also offers a staking program with a return of up to 180% APY to give huge benefits to LEAD long-term hodl-ers.

LEAD will also be used for discounts and other benefits when you make service purchases and payments inside the wallet application. It’s believed that the demand for Lead tokens will easily grow as the app itself grows. This is actually something that is lacking from many other altcoin projects, where their token has no direct correlation to the popularity of the project itself, and their demands often come from just the speculators.

And here’s where LEAD differs. It has a natural demand for the token from the application itself, which guarantees you long-term price appreciation as long as more users use the wallet application.

LEAD token is currently an ERC-20 token; you can easily trade it on Uniswap and Lbank. In the future, Lead token may become blockchain agnostic, where you will be able to swap it cross-chain to other popular blockchain platforms, just like how some stablecoins work with multiple platforms.

A Transparent Decentralized Team with a Decentralized Project

And here’s another thing to learn about Lead Wallet. It has a decentralized team with different backgrounds and mindsets. The LEAD project is decentralized and non-custodial, which adheres to the blockchain ideology, and last but not least, the LEAD project worships the concept of transparency. The core team behind LEAD always updates the community with the present situation of the project and will continue to maintain full transparency at all times.

The LEAD team wants to contribute as much as possible to the ever-growing ecosystem of the cryptocurrency space. LEAD has been mentioned by YouTube’s famous crypto influencer, BitBoy, and has also cooperated with decent names in the industry, such as LBank, LID Protocol, ChangeNow, and is looking to add more names for future partnerships.

In conclusion, Lead wallet is worth trying out if you are into new and cool crypto applications. The team plans to make this application the easiest wallet application for storing crypto assets, while still maintaining feature-rich functionalities and optimum security.

You can download the Lead Wallet application on its Google Play Store page, and you might also want to check its official website if you want to learn more about it.

For more inquiries and investment interest, kindly send an email to the team via: contact@leadwallet.io


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