Kim Dotcom Says Bitcoin Cash ‘Great for Payments,’ Expects BCH to Cross $3K in 2021

Kim Dotcom Says Bitcoin Cash 'Great for Payments,' Expects BCH to Cross $3K in 2021On December 17, the internet entrepreneur and political activist Kim Dotcom spoke about bitcoin being a “great asset for storage,” and then further stressed that bitcoin cash was “great for payments.” Dotcom said he expects bitcoin cash to jump in value by 900% next year and reach a $3k per unit handle.

Megaupload creator, Kim Dotcom, has been tweeting about the rising cryptocurrency economy, alongside the troubled U.S. economy as well. Last month, Dotcom said a “great depression is coming” and also insisted that the “U.S. economy [is] on such a massive jolt of monetary heroin there’s no dialing back the dosage.”

The day after bitcoin (BTC) surpassed the crypto asset’s all-time high, Dotcom tweeted about the sixth largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, bitcoin cash (BCH).

“Bitcoin > great for asset storage,” Dotcom tweeted. “Bitcoin Cash > great for payments. Bitcoin Cash at $310 today. I expect $3,000+ next year,” the internet entrepreneur added. Dotcom also said:

Why? More and more vendors accept crypto. Vendors want low fees and fast transactions. I’m bullish on [bitcoin cash].

Of course, Dotcom got a lot of criticism from those who dislike bitcoin cash and BTC maximalists. One individual wrote: “I respect you but please don’t shill bitcoin cash.. it has no use case.”

However, Dotcom was quick to respond and said: “BCH has many use cases today. And will use BCH.” The platform allows anyone to upload documents, code, videos, and music files so they can get paid in crypto for their work.

When software engineer Josh Ellithorpe responded to Dotcom’s tweet he wrote that “there is no doubt that BCH is undervalued right now at $310.” Dotcom responded to the developer’s tweet:

’Undervalued’ is the key word here. Real upside potential for those who missed the BTC train.

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Dotcom has openly spoken about his thoughts on bitcoin cash (BCH) in the past. In an interview with BTC maximalist Tone Vays in January, Dotcom said maximalists were “stupid” for ignoring a peer-to-peer cash vision. “You and Roger [Ver] have a lot of disagreement about a lot of things,” Dotcom said to Vays during a poker game interview.

“I met with Roger and I sat down with him, and I understood where he was coming from,” Dotcom continued. “He shared with me some of the innovations that he’s working on. I think the guy at the moment, in terms of his way of thinking and where he is in his innovation, is a step ahead. I feel it would be stupid to ignore someone like that … that helps to use whatever he creates to make the entire space better.”

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