ICONLOOP to develop blockchain-based driver’s license in South Korea

ICONLOOP has announced that it is developing a blockchain-based mobile drivers license that is under regulatory sandbox approval in South Korea.

In September, Coin Rivet reported on ICONLOOP’s implementation of a blockchain solution for SaraminHR, South Korea’s largest recruitment company.

Currently, driver’s license information is stored on a single server in South Korea, leaving it vulnerable to leaks or attacks.

ICONLOOP’s Decentralised Identity technology mitigates against these risks by allowing people to directly manage their own data by storing it on their mobile devices.

“ICONLOOP emphasises the self-sovereignty of personal data. The authentication processes that previously existed offline in the form of physical cards are now online via mobile apps like Zzeung, making it possible for users to manage their own authenticated information,” said Jonghyup Kim, CEO of ICONLOOP.

“We are happy to work closely with regulators in South Korea to support efforts to responsibly manage and protect citizens’ personal data through advances in technology.”

The DID technology is also being utilised for covid-19 contact tracing by the government on Jeju Island.

ICONLOOP’s mobile driver’s licenses are expected to be released in the second half of 2021. Since the adoption of the ICT Regulatory Sandbox, several services have been tested and launched, ranging from ride sharing to healthcare to virtual reality.

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