Grammy Nominated Hip-Hop Star Logic Dropped $6 Million Into Bitcoin Last Month

Grammy Nominated Hip-Hop Star Logic Dropped $6 Million Into Bitcoin Last MonthDuring the last few months, a slew of celebrity luminaries, millionaires, and even a number of billionaires have announced taking the plunge into the crypto asset economy. On Thursday evening, the former rapper Robert Bryson Hall II, known professionally as “Logic,” revealed he purchased $6 million worth of bitcoin last month.

The retired American rapper Logic has made a name for himself during the last ten years when he started his songwriting and record producing career in 2010. During the last decade, Logic released six studio albums and was nominated for two Grammy awards. In 2017, Logic achieved mass popularity when his album dubbed “Everybody” hit the number one position on the U.S. charts in 2017.

Grammy Nominated Hip-Hop Star Logic Dropped $6 Million Into Bitcoin Last Month
Grammy-nominated and former American rapper Logic reportedly purchased $6 million worth of bitcoin (BTC) according to an Instagram post published on Wednesday. Logic also changed his Twitter account name to “Bobby Bitcoin.”

These days, Logic is retired from the rap scene and he announced leaving in July 2020 after he released his final record “No Pressure.” Logic is also into cryptocurrency as the hip-hop artist disclosed on Instagram that he purchased $6 million worth of bitcoin in October. Last month, a single BTC was swapping above the $13k handle and this week bitcoin has been trading above the $18k zone.

“My $6 million in bitcoin last month. F*** it. YOLO. Seriously,” Logic posted to Instagram.

The Instagram post also asked if the bitcoin purchase was a win or a lose. A great number of Instagram users responded to Logic’s bitcoin post with both win or lose responses and during the last 15 hours, the post has been viewed 91,765 times. Additionally, on Twitter the former rapper changed his account name to “Bobby Bitcoin” and he’s been talking about the crypto asset on that platform as well.

“Alright f*** Twitter I’m going to play chess and count my bitcoin,” Logic tweeted on Wednesday.

One person responded to the lyricist’s tweet and said “What do you mean count it? All you gotta do is check your balance.” Besides bitcoin, Logic’s Twitter feed is also filled with posts about playing chess and opening decks of Pokemon cards. Last October, Logic reportedly purchased a rare first edition Charizard Pokemon card worth $226,000, which was also a “YOLO” purchase.

Logic’s bitcoin purchase announcement follows the hit record producer “Murda Beatz” telling his fans that he purchased bitcoin last October. Murda Beatz and Logic also follow a slew of hip hop recording artists that have jumped into the cryptocurrency economy during the last decade. Other music stars that have revealed an interest in cryptocurrencies and bitcoin over the years include celebrities like Jermane Prime, Nas, RZA, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Young Thug, Swae Lee, and Talib Kweli.

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