raise $10 million on IEO platform in weeks

Digital asset exchange has seen more than $10 million being raised across three recent Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs), WooTrade, CoralSwap, and Juggernaut.’s IEO platform, dubbed Startup, raised $3.5 million in USDT for each respective project in a matter of days.

The WOO, Coral and JGN IEOs were oversubscribed by 1,600%, 700% and 2,350% to demonstrate high levels of demand from clients.

“Our IEO platform, Startup has been performing well consistently since inception; The first five projects that were listed on Startup raised over 80 million USDT.” Said Marie Tatibouet, CMO at

“As usual, we are focused on listing quality projects that have the growth potential to elevate their business models in the space and attract real-world users at the same time.

“We also like to list promising projects that have an appetite for tweaking their business models based on specific market dynamics.”

The apparent rise in popularity of IEO platforms seems to coincide with the increased activity across the DeFi sector, with tokens like YFI, Core and Chainlink all enjoying a period of bullish momentum over the past few months.

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