Free TON Community’s Meritocratic Token Distribution Model to Revolutionize Tokenomics

The Free TON Community’s Meritocratic Token Distribution Model to Revolutionize TokenomicsFree TON is a community driven PoS network with a focus on decentralized governance. It is based on the open-source TON project which was previously developed by Telegram. Free TON never had an ICO and will never have a token sale. Instead the project implements a distribution model that will revolutionize tokenomics. This also makes it stand at par or exceed in terms of decentralization other popular PoS networks, such as Kosmos or Polkadot.

Free TON Token Now on Exchange

Free TON is a community powered movement for a free and open decentralised internet. It’s a next-gen blockchain technology that belongs to no one and to everyone at the same time. The network does not have an owner or centralized management that decides what should be done or when, nor what tools or projects should run on it. Instead, Free TON practices decentralized governance principles empowering the community to engage, contribute and make decisions.

Technology-wise Free TON is the first multi-threaded, multi-shareded, highly scalable blockchain with low latency. It has an advanced Proof-of-Stake consensus and versatile smart contract platform supporting several high level computer languages. Free TON promotes a unique concept of End-to-End Decentralization.

The community driven project was created after the U.S. SEC forced private messaging giant Telegram to let go of its very highly anticipated Telegram Open Network (TON). Thanks to this you can now get yourself involved with the future of decentralization. To get started, it was recently announced that Exchange will be listing the Free TON token on 15 December, 2020.

The Meritocratic Token Distribution Model

Free TON never had nor intends to have any token sales. Instead, the Free TON community practices a meritocratic token distribution model where ton crystal tokens are distributed for free to the community against contribution to the ecosystem. It is done either through contests (never grants that mean centralized decision making) or through collaboration proposals with partners who want to enable their use case on the Free TON network.

As of December 10, Free TON has 272 independent validators and is aiming to exceed 400 validators by the time of an anticipated mainnet announcement scheduled for December 22, 2020. This makes Free TON the most decentralized PoS network. Importantly, these validators were chosen through a series of contests in Q3 2020 where teams were competing on performance.

To learn more about Free TON’s revolutionizing Tokenomics read the community’s Declaration of Decentralization. For more on how Free TON was born out of the abandonment of the the Telegram Open Network by the private messaging giant Telegram due to the U.S. SEC, read Free TON, From an Abandoned Project to the Frontier of PoS Networks.

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