Curate, Next Generation Yield Farming

Curate, Next Generation Yield FarmingPRESS RELEASE. Curate decentralized platform has set the goal of maximizing the DeFi potential. The main task is to create a complete platform autonomy with a gradual transition to self-management by community members. Curate is an autonomous full-cycle ecosystem. Platform members use ETH-Xcur LP tokens to mine Curate (Xcur) tokens. helps all the investors earn 1613% APY of what they are investing without working. All that you have to do is provide liquidity for Xcur, deposit your tokens on the site and watch as your profits start rising.

Curate Leveraging Blockchain Technology

Curate is a platform based on blockchain technology and ERC-20 token smart contracts, which rewards users with digital tokens such as BTC, ETH, and its native utility token XCUR, in return for curating fashion styles. Essentially, it is a style discovery decentralized app (DApp). It provides a trustless platform to its users to provide their feedback on a curated collection of fashion styles that the community can trust.

The crypto-asset based fashion platform offers users a unique collection of brands and designer wear that they can purchase, provide their feedback or upvote. In fact, it rewards the users with digital tokens for engaging and contributing to the platform. With the help of blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence, the platform eliminates fake reviews or defaming comments and allows only trustworthy reviews through the verification of user ID.

Is it safe?

There are multiple websites out there doing scams in the name of profits. To assure all of its investors, Curate has published the complete transparency on its website. They have not only made their smart contract public, but they also have their registration of being a real firm on their website.

The certificate can be cross checked on the registrars website as well to be sure whether they are legit. Anyone can do their own research on their platform before investing.

The more you invest, the more you will earn as profit.

How to stake :⛏

Step 1: Buy Xcur on Uniswap

Step 2 : Go to from your browser and login with metamask or trust wallet

Step 3: click on “Get Lp tokens on Uniswap”

Step 4:deposit equal eth to Xcur on uniswap , and submit , uniswap will issue LP tokens once complete.

Step 5:Take these tokens back to, click approve then once that’s completed , click max then stake and stake on platform to earn Xcur!

Step 6: Enjoy industry high APY of 1613%. That’s 16x Rewards in a year!

Staking rewards can be claimed at anytime via the Claim rewards button

MINIMUM stake period is 24hrs and MAXIMUM is 365 days

APY YIELD during bonus period : 1613%

Token name: CURATE token (XCUR)

Token ticker: XCUR

Token Type: Utility token

Tech: ERC20

Total supply: 10,000,000

Contract: 0xE1c7E30C42C24582888C758984f6e382096786bd

Listing locations :

Xcur is listed on Uniswap

P2Pb2b : December 2020

Binance : Application made

KuCoin : Application made

We will endeavor to list on as many major exchanges as possible to provide our user with ample options between CEX and DEX

Telegram :

Website :

Staking :

BUY Curate (Xcur) :


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