Cryptowatch desktop product launches to public

Cryptocurrency traders and investors can now access Cryptowatch’s desktop app for free in light of its public launch today.

Cryptowatch, which was acquired by Kraken in 2016, is an application that monitors the market while letting users customise a dashboard comprised of price charts, order books, tick charts and more.

A private beta was launched last month with positive feedback coming back from a number of high profile traders on crypto Twitter.


The public release coincides with a series of updates, with improved number formatting throughout the app as well as improvements to tick chart and candle chart customisation.

“The Desktop project aims to provide traders with next-level speed, customisability, and access to live data.” said Cryptowatch Founder Artur Sapek.

“Somehow the world became okay with everything happening in bloated, laggy web applications. We reject this as the end-all application stack and are breaking new ground with Rust. So far the alpha has had a positive reception, and we’ve got major plans for future releases.”

Previously, Cryptowatch grew in popularity as a web-based product but its new foray into a real-time application will undoubtedly improve stability, user experience and upcoming features.

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