CryptoWars Is an Ideal Combination of Gaming and Liquidity Mining

CryptoWars Is an Ideal Combination of Gaming and Liquidity MiningDecentralized finance (Defi) has сaused a mighty furor recently. Users have forgotten almost about everything while searching for money earning opportunities. Fortunately, the CryptoWars decentralized platform has created a wonderful solution that allows efficient and entertaining gamification of liquidity mining. Does it sound too complicated? Not even!

What Makes CrypoWars Unique

Have you ever thought about an ideal combination of gaming and earning money at the same time? Sounds unreal, right? However, with CryptoWars it became an everyday reality.

This platform suggests a convenient and efficient modular design. Modularity combines various product features and elements that form a separate subsystem “galaxy” with specific functions. CryptoWars has an important mission of linking these subsystems as a universal module with other ones to form a brand new system with a diversity of features, options, and increased efficiency.

What about the mission of CryptoWars? It definitely has one. This dApp was created specifically to improve the Defi value by creating the opportunity for an investment portfolio that allows users to generate financial returns. CryptoWars is a gaming solution of dApp gamification that steps in the future of yield farming, giving a chance to play and earn money at the same time.

So, what makes CrypoWars a unique product? It suggests a separate world of the blockchain community that gives users a chance to play an entertaining and breathtaking game and earn cryptocurrency along with ERC20 tokens at the same time. Moreover, CryptoWars offers an NFT ecosystem without any boundaries. NFT ecosystem gives an entry to a blockchain world where every user can enjoy usage, trading, and earning on the auction of NFT.

Let’s take a closer look at the Auction and exchanging of NFT game skins. Every user can take a part in it in case the bet is outbid. Also, CryptoWars exchange allows users to trade the NFT game skins. When it comes to CWT tokens that allow users to take part in the project development, they can be purchased on UNISWAP or received as a reward for liquidity mining or playing CryptoWars game. Don’t miss a chance to visit the official website! Moreover, CryptoWars shows an act of generosity and is going to make a CWT giveaway. Just join the CryptoWars telegram chat to know more about the details.

The Highest Level of Uniqueness

CryptoWars does its best to provide users with the highest level of uniqueness and customer-centric approach. CryptoWars is a completely unique and outstanding product that will leave any of the users indifferent. Do you often hear about opportunities to enjoy playing your favorite game and earning money at the same time? Didn’t think so.

CryptoWars has created a gamified option for liquidity mining with a simple, nonetheless, entertaining gaming process. Also, NFT was successfully integrated into the game and allows users to make a profit collecting your favorite characters’ game skins.

The simplicity and uniqueness of the game are the main features that make CryptoWars stand out from the crowd of other competitors (do they actually have ones?). The game process is pretty obvious, fast, and simple. Firstly, you need to log into your game account and make a choice of the duel mode. Right after this, let’s choose the cryptocurrency and the amount of bet you want to make. Press the “Fight” button and that’s it, let’s get ready for a rumble!

When the transaction within a platform is confirmed, the selection of an opponent starts. When the enemy is found, there is still some time to revise the gaming rules in the memory or refresh some forgotten skills. Press the “Ready” button and the time starts!

The gaming rules are obvious and easy to understand. Two of the players have 100 warriors at their disposal. The game plot is divided into 3 stages with 7 bases in each. The first stage has 3 while two others have 2 bases. All you need is to place as many warriors as possible to capture the base and beat your opponent. The winner takes it all! Don’t hesitate to try the Demo MVP version to enjoy all the advantages of CryptoWars and become a sincere fan!

Here’s the list of available Tokens that will be suggested at CryptoWars Game:

  1. ETH
  2. DAI
  3. WBTC
  4. renBTC
  5. USDT
  6. USDC
  7. WETH
  8. UNI
  9. TUSD
  10. BUSD
  11. sUSD
  12. PAX
  13. HBTC
  14. CWT


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