CryptoBiz Exchange Launches in India

Recently, cryptocurrency trading in India has spiked and grown at an unprecedented level. As the Bitcoin rallies and grows strength by strength, the Indian crypto community has multiplied and with this, a fair and regulated market has been on the top of their demands. Amidst the ever-growing market, there are some existing players that have been operating since the past few years, but the entry of CryptoBiz Exchange has built up a hype as they look to take the market by storm with their features.

The Reason for the Hype

CryptoBiz has a disruptive business model in place where they aim to break the premium-priced Indian market. This will encourage more and more people to start investing in cryptocurrency and become a part of the virtual assets world. One thing to note is that in the current scenario, Indian traders are already at a disadvantage when they are left with no option but to buy at a higher premium than the existing crypto trading platforms. This is where CryptoBiz comes into the picture and aims to disrupt this unjust higher-premium rate and establish a fair market.

The company has its financial headquarters in Estonia, but with an Indian team at the heart of its operations, it aims to make Cryptocurrency-trading a seamless experience amid a plethora of innovative features it brings to the table. Cryptobiz Exchange aims to provide an experience that is fast, secure and convenient to accommodate even a first-time user and introduce more and more people to the digital assets ecosystem.

Mr. Arjun Dev, who heads the Business Development for CryptoBiz Exchange, is an experienced financial and trading expert – having seen the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency industry since the past 7 years. Mr. Dev believes in a global approach. In his words, “ CryptoBiz Exchange is an ambitious project. Our product reflects our vision for the future. The kind of features we offer and the facilities we are rolling out in a matter of time – it is an all-in-one crypto platform. India is one of the emerging markets in the crypto world and we want to mark our beginning by starting with India – with operations beginning in Malaysia, Japan, Thailand as well as Singapore. We plan to go all out and take the crypto trading market by storm where more and more traders shall be benefited. This is just the beginning. ”

With an aim to reach out to the ever-expanding crypto community in India, the COO for CryptoBiz Exchange, Mr. Ahmad Dal envisions to educate and transform the existing market with a product that not only fulfils the needs but also creates new opportunities for the crypto enthusiasts across India, and the international market in the near future.

CryptoBiz to Take the Indian Crypto Market by Storm

At the moment, the basic BTC buying/selling has been set up and is open for registrations. To use the amazing features provided by CryptoBiz, users are expected to register and open an account on CryptoBiz Exchange. The sign-up process is simple and standard, and once verified, users are directed to their dashboard.

Put simply, CryptoBiz looks to become the frontrunner for stabilising the Indian cryptocurrency-trading market. There are some unique features to list, and are all outlined on the official website. As of now, CryptoBiz Exchange is running a Beta version as more and more features are being rolled out. The Android and iOS smartphone applications shall be launched in the next few weeks as CryptoBiz seeks to take its feature-rich platform to the maximum users. In addition to that, an advanced exchange platform with DeFi features is being worked upon and shall be available to the ever-growing Crypto community very soon.

With the focus being on a secure platform and convenient user experience, CryptoBiz Exchange vows to serve its customers with the best proactive experience the market has seen.

Moreover, CryptoBiz Exchange has built up strategic partnerships with some of the biggest emerging names and services in the cryptocurrency world. Recently, CryptoBiz has collaborated with Trastra – a prominent Crypto Debit Card that enables Crypto to EUR Exchanges and facilitates purchase of crypto in the European Economic Area without exorbitant fees. CryptoBiz seeks to gear up for global expansion with an advanced exchange set to be launched very soon. Collaboration with global products like Trastra is just an indication of how customer convenience is the priority for CryptoBiz.

CryptoBiz Exchange Launches in India


Are you tired of buying Bitcoin at a higher-premium? Do you need an exchange that prioritises your safety while still providing great services? CryptoBiz Exchange is the solution. With a smooth interface and prompt support, the superlative features are here for CryptoBiz to take the Indian cryptocurrency market by storm.

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