CertiK launches QuickScan to improve smart contract security analysis

Cyber Security company CertiK has announced the launch of QuickScan, a new security toolset that leverages automated scanning technologies to check deployed smart contracts.

The new tool accurately assesses the security of smart contracts before giving specific contracts unique scores.

Daryl Hok, Chief Operating Officer of CertiK, said:“Depending on the complexity, with QuickScan, it is estimated that it will take 40-60 minutes to complete a smart contract analysis.

“Risk levels are indicated through real-time security scores, with lower scores signalling a higher potential for hacks and malfunctions.”

Similar to security service endpoints, CertiK utilises a combination of five static and dynamic Security Primitives specialising in different security areas.

These include: Whitelist, Blacklist, Quality, Bytecode, and Source-Code. All of which are backed by team’s proprietary technologies and tools.

Hok added: “Through a combination of cutting edge security tools and products, and an unrivalled team of cybersecurity experts, CertiK is paving the way for new security standards in blockchain and beyond.

“With unparalleled security, accuracy, and speed, the development of QuickScan will help reduce the impact of system vulnerabilities in blockchain-based platforms. While security experts still play a crucial role in analysing complex systems and carrying out full formal audits, QuickScan, along with CertiK’s other security-focused products, will help increase the speed and accuracy of security auditing.”

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