Brand New Protocol, DIGITALAX, Brings NFT Adoption Into the Real World

Brand New Protocol, DIGITALAX, Brings NFT Adoption Into the Real WorldDIGITALAX, a digital fashion focused NFT protocol on Ethereum, launched less than 2 months ago at the end of October and is already making headlines. It is the first NFT protocol to have its digital fashion wearable NFTs recognized by a non-blockchain gaming company— the leading silicon valley based virtual experiences platform, Youcanevent.

DIGITALAX x Youcanevent

DIGITALAX describes themselves as the first digital fashion toolkit on Ethereum. They are an extremely ambitious team and definitely not your average crypto project. DIGITALAX was founded by CEO, Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee, a 22 year old CEO based out of San Francisco.

The protocol’s vision is centered around bringing new innovation, transformation and disruption to some of the fastest growing and most scalable industries in the world—gaming, VR, Esports. As these virtual world’s become more and more hyper-realistic and people begin to engage with them more, the ability for an individual to be able to express themselves and show their identity will become exponentially more vital. Self expression will play a huge role in forming customizable, engaging digital experiences.

DIGITALAX is leading the digital fashion field forward as a new market segment in order to enable self expression for the gaming, VR, 3D digital content space. They are currently working with over 30 digital fashion designers based globally, from Africa to the US to Europe, all under their Global Designer Network (GDN) to issue hyper-realistic digital fashion NFTs. The protocol went live with their first digital fashion auction on their marketplace 2 weeks ago for a huge success— 19 digital fashion ERC-721 NFTs selling for a total of 35 Ethereum!

Their partnership with Youcanevent is just the first step to wider adoption of the DIGITALAX digital fashion NFTs into the broader gaming, VR industry. DIGITALAX is the first NFT protocol to demonstrate Digital Fashion NFT recognition and cross-platform compatibility with a non-crypto 3D virtual gaming/experiences company. They are paving the way for new use cases and compatibility.

Under the DIGITALAX x Youcanevent partnership, owners of DIGITALAX digital fashion NFTs can take their NFTs into their personalized Youcanevent virtual world. The NFT will uphold the same standards of digital ownership as on the Ethereum blockchain, where only true owners of the DIGITALAX NFT, verified by their ERC-20 wallet addresses are able to have their digital fashion wearables recognized.

The Biggest Virtual Conference of the Year

Youcanevent has previously worked with the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Microsoft, TEDx, NASA, where their technology mixes online video streaming, web virtual reality, avatars with video-chat communication, and engagement tools that allow you to host your event virtually with unbelievable virtual environments.

“Youcan is super excited to be working with DIGITALAX to be the first non-blockchain virtual entertainment experience platform to recognize and accept NFT standards and provide a secure experience for the entire crypto community. We see huge potential for this innovation.” – CEO and Founder of Youcanevent, Antonio Trincao

DIGITALAX’s partnership with Youcan also goes further, with DIGITALAX being the crypto VIP room partner for the biggest Virtual NYE Concert being held this December 31st 10pm EST – over 60 million social media reach.

DIGITALAX will be hosting the conference in their exclusive DIGITALAX VIP ROOM, with payments for tickets being accepted in DIGITALAX’s native ERC-20 $MONA token and ETH for individuals to buy exclusive access tickets for an immersive experience of viewing the concert, creating their own avatar, networking with over attendees, even ordering food!

The virtual conference is the biggest of the year and includes exclusive performances by world renowned artists, TOOSII and FARINA, with host Amanda Cerny. All 3 performers combined have a social media reach of over 60 million followers!

DIGITALAX is on a right determined path for bringing much greater innovation and disruption to the NFT market and wider adoption and distribution for the broader crypto space. The team is excited to see what is next.

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