Blog Author Tipped $10,000 for Well Phrased Peer-to-Peer Cash Conviction

Blog Author Gets Tipped $10,000 for His Well Phrased Peer-to-Peer Cash ConvictionFollowing the Bitcoin Cash upgrade, the BCH proponent known as Mobtwo published a post on the blogging website called “Bitcoin Cash – Simple Fundamentals.” The editorial’s author says he wholeheartedly believes that BCH will one day overtake BTC in the long run. After the blog post published, Mobtwo’s article was tipped $10,000 worth of BCH from a single donor for his strong convictions.

The BCH supporter known as Mobtwo has been well known in the Bitcoin Cash community for quite some time now. On November 18, three days after the BCH upgrade, Mobtwo decided to pen a few opinions on the web portal The website is a blogging site fueled by BCH payments and it’s an extremely popular platform among BCH proponents. At the time of publication, there are 39,963 users on earning money for participation according to the web portal’s stats.

Blog Author Tipped $10,000 for Well Phrased Peer-to-Peer Cash Conviction

In the article called “Bitcoin Cash – Simple Fundamentals,” Mobtwo said that “as long as the price for Bitcoin Cash remains affordable, I will continue to buy them every month.” This is because, in Mobtwo’s opinion, BCH works “so much better, in many ways.” Benefits include Cashfusion privacy, SLP tokenization, human-readable cash accounts, and a much larger network effect than most coins in existence.

“This is really super simple to understand,” Mobtwo wrote on Wednesday. “Try sending $10 worth of Bitcoin or $10 worth of Ethereum or $10 worth of Bitcoin Cash to yourself. You end up with only $2 of Bitcoin because $8 went to transaction fees. You end up with $7.5 of Ethereum because $2.5 went to transaction fees. But you still end up with $10 worth of Bitcoin Cash,” the author added. Mobtwo insists that if BTC was a new coin today, with unreliable transactions and ghastly fees, he bets that “nobody would want it.”

“This is nothing complicated, just simple common sense— Would you want to use a slow unreliable service that charges you $8 just to send $10?” Mobtwo asked. “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that’s ridiculously stupid.”

The author added:

I am unshakable in my conviction that Bitcoin Cash will overtake Bitcoin in the long run because there is no rationale where humans would prefer to pay higher fees for an inferior unreliable slower service. And businesses will discover eventually these fees eat into their margins and it is no longer feasible to accept Bitcoin, but it is still feasible to accept Bitcoin Cash.

Toward the end of the editorial, Mobtwo stressed that BTC looks more like a pyramid scheme and he believes truth will eventually prevail. The BCH proponent also said that there’s a great number of people who wish they could go back in time and buy bitcoin at a lower price, and with BCH they still can.

“What makes Bitcoin popular in the first place is exactly what Bitcoin Cash is today, the ability to transact freely onchain peer-to-peer with anyone anywhere in the world for less than a cent,” Mobtwo emphasized.

Blog Author Tipped $10,000 for Well Phrased Peer-to-Peer Cash Conviction

Following the post publishing on the platform, the well known BCH investor Marc DeMesel sent Mobtwo a generous donation of $10,000 worth of bitcoin cash. Mobtwo was extremely grateful for the donation and wrote: “I’m literally shaking from the generosity from Marc DeMesel,” he said after getting the massive tip. “That’s super motivating and I will work harder to keep growing the value of Bitcoin Cash,” Mobtwo added.

“The pleasure is mine Mobtwo,” DeMesel responded. “The article is really good. It summarizes very well, in plain language, why Bitcoin Cash is a tremendous opportunity.” Following the tip, a number of BCH fans discussed the $10k tip sent to the author on Twitter and Reddit forums. Certainly, a $10,000 donation in digital currency, tells something about the dedication from the crypto community.

What do you think about the $10,000 bitcoin cash donation to Mobtwo? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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