Bitcoin’s Inception: A 340-Page Book Compiles All of Satoshi’s Writings in Chronological Order

Bitcoin's Inception: A 340-Page Book Compiles All of Satoshi's Writings in Chronological OrderBitcoin’s mysterious creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, first appeared on the web when the software programmer (or programmers) published the Bitcoin white paper on Halloween 2008. After the paper published and the crypto network launched, the inventor spent a little time with the community curating the project. People who are inspired by Nakamoto or like to research the engineer’s work can obtain a physical copy of Satoshi’s writings in its entirety from a book called “Kicking the Hornet’s Nest.”

Crypto proponents can now leverage a book called “Kicking the Hornet’s Nest: The Complete Writings, Emails, and Forum Posts of Satoshi Nakamoto, the Founder of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.” The compendium of the Bitcoin creator’s writings was assembled by Mill Hill Books and is available in print form for $29.

All of the writings were collected and assembled chronologically “with almost no editorial commentary.” Many of the resources from the book stemmed from sites like,, The Cryptography Mailing List at, personal emails to and from Dustin Trammel (aka Druid), and personal emails from Mike Hearn and Hal Finney as well.

Bitcoin's Inception: A 340-Page Book Compiles All of Satoshi's Writings in Chronological Order

There is a bit of commentary in the “Notes from the Editor” section, which explains why the compendium of Nakamoto’s writings were assembled.

“Satoshi fired a shot across the bow of the financial powers-that-be,” the author writes. “Bankers, politicians, and the manipulators of the money supply have not been happy about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.”

The editor explains that after a decade the powers-that-be have been warming up to the idea of cryptocurrency and essentially “the inevitability” of this technology. Of course, financial incumbents are slow and cautious, the author insists.

The editor’s notes also suggest that the financial bigwigs are threatened by the fact that bitcoin gives “power, freedom, and responsibility to the individual.”

“As a boy, my brother and I would occasionally come upon a hornet’s nest while playing in the woods,” the editor said.

He added:

When we did, being boys, there was really nothing else to do but to throw a rock or stick at it, or kick it. Kicking a hornet’s nest isn’t rational, but just too tempting and just too much fun not to. And when you do it, you do it fast and then you run like hell.

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The book’s editor writes a number of attributes Bitcoin’s creator had shown when he wrote, like the fact that he liked to double-space after a sentence is complete. Other insights taken from the chronological work of Nakamoto, was that Satoshi was polite, a good teacher, a clear communicator, a fantastic thinker, a heads-down programmer, and a person or group that “values privacy” the editor said.

Additionally, the author writes that it is noteworthy to acknowledge that “since Satoshi Nakamoto is unknown, Satoshi’s sex is unknown.”

The editor adds:

Satoshi may be a man, woman, or group. However, since サトシ is generally a male’s name in Japan, Satoshi is referred to here [in this book] using singular, male pronouns.

The book assembled by Mill Hill Books has a lot to digest, as Nakamoto wrote on 539 times and there are approximately 34 publicly known emails. The compendium of Nakamoto’s writings is 340-pages long and ends with the last message from Satoshi back in March 2014 when the programmer (or programmers) allegedly wrote:

I am not Dorian Nakamoto.

The editor does note that the authenticity of this particular message is not fully verified and the post has been debated for its legitimacy.

“Despite his focused, logical, business-minded tendencies, there seems to me to be a bit of boyishness about him,” the editor’s note concludes. “This is seldom shown, but it is there, revealed in his writings in rare glints. This leads to a final conclusion… Satoshi is human.”

What do you think about the book called “Kicking the Hornet’s Nest?” Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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