Avalanche’s AVAX token listed on Voyager Digital

Canadian exchange Voyager Digital has listed Avalanche (AVAX) on its platform, marking the first opportunity for retail users in the United States to purchase AVAX.

Avalanche is an open-source platform for launching DeFi applications and enterprise blockchain developments. It raised $42 million in a public sale and $12 million in a private round earlier this year.

The project is spearheaded by Professor Emin Gün Sirer, who spoke at length about consensus algorithms among other topics to Coin Rivet in 2019.

The AVAX token is hard-capped asset that is used to pay for fees, secure the network through staking and to provide a basic unit of account between multiple subnetworks on the platform.

“U.S. users have been beating down the door to get their hands on AVAX, and that’s now possible through our listing on Voyager,” says John Wu, President of Ava Labs, the team behind the Avalanche blockchain. “Avalanche can, and I believe will be the network that brings institutional and decentralised finance together, seizing the vast potential of a new market structure defined by velocity, efficiency, and innovation in new products and services available to people around the world.

Voyager Digital’s CEO and co-founder, Steve Ehrlich, added:  “We are excited to list AVAX on our platform, giving our users another exciting asset to trade.

“Voyager now offers investors an industry leading 55 digital assets to invest in, 22 of which offer interest. Looking ahead, we will continue to increase our available tokens as more users gravitate to Voyager as the most consumer friendly, easy-to-use platform for trading digital assets, commission-free.”

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