1 in 5 Players Win Big at Bitcoin.com Lottery, New Crypto Games Promise Guaranteed Winners

Launching Sure-Win Games! A set of 10 new raffles with guaranteed wins of up to €25,000. Get paid in BTC or BCH!

Guaranteed Winners on Every Draw

Bitcoin.com partnered with Bravio Tech earlier this year to bring you the first blockchain-powered lottery platform. Bitcoin.com Lottery has since been very popular among players who want to access many of the leading global lotteries from anywhere in the world. Nearly 20% of all tickets sold on the platform have resulted in winners taking home a handsome payout in BTC or BCH.

The premium lottery platform from Bitcoin.com is also the first to allow players to withdraw their wins in BTC or BCH for over ten global lotteries, which was unheard of until now. Players can not only purchase tickets to $100s of millions of jackpots in traditional lotteries, but also play a variety of crypto games with jackpots of up to $1 Million drawn out daily.

Tickets are limited in all Sure-Win Games. Players can enter raffles with as low as €2 to win up-to a massive jackpot of €25,000!

Bitcoin.com Lottery has now launched a set of 10 new games, each with a guaranteed jackpot winner on every draw. Aptly named Sure-Win Games, the new games are one of the hottest offerings yet to come from the brand. Tickets are limited in all Sure-Win Games where users can enter with as low as €2 and play for raffles to win up-to a massive jackpot of €25,000!

We can guarantee a jackpot winner in every single draw, not many platforms can offer that. We have adopted Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as mainstream payments. Bitcoin.com is pioneering this new digital age, their expertise in building on blockchain technology is second to none. Together we have created a seamless, user-friendly global lottery platform that removes all boundaries and limitations,” said the CTO for Bitcoin.com Lottery on why he expects these newly launched games to be highly popular among players.

Bitcoin.com Lottery currently supports over 10 world-famous lotteries including the US PowerBall and MegaMillions, EuroJackpot and EuroMillions, and the hugely popular Spanish Christmas lottery Loteria de Navidad featuring a massive jackpot of €2.24 billion. BTC PowerPlay and Mega-Jackpot daily crypto jackpots are also available to play. Users can get started on the platform by creating a free account and begin playing within minutes.

Play the latest guaranteed win Sure-Win Games and check out some of the hottest lottery offerings at Bitcoin.com Lottery website.

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