Spending Sats: A Look at This Year’s Bitcoin Black Friday Deals

Spending Sats: A Look at This Year's Bitcoin Black Friday DealsEvery year the shopping holiday called Black Friday allows consumers to get better deals on products and services. On November 24, the day also known as ‘Bitcoin Black Friday’ will provide crypto users access to deals when they purchase items with digital assets like bitcoin. Due to the fact that bitcoin prices have been on a tear this year, the Bitcoin Black Friday holiday madness is in full swing.

Bitcoin Black Friday is back and there are all kinds of deals strewn across the worldwide web. During the crypto winter throughout 2018 and even in 2019, the anticipated shopping holiday for bitcoiners lost some of its charms. However, this year, thanks to the crypto economy’s colossal gains, Bitcoin Black Friday patrons will find many unique deals.

Spending Sats: A Look at This Year's Bitcoin Black Friday Deals
The web portal bitcoinblackfriday.com.

One specific web portal that typically attracts bitcoin spenders looking for deals is the popular website bitcoinblackfriday.com. The web portal is bigger than usual and showcases active deals, products related to bitcoin, hardware wallets, VPN services, art, food and beverages, and apparel as well.

Deals include products from Trezor, Etoro, Ledger Wallet, Namecheap, Guns N’ Bitcoin, Blockchain Kicks, Blockfi, Start9 Labs, Bitsoaps, and Bitcoin Magazine physical copies. There’s apparel from Atoms, TFTC, Mycryptowatches, Krypto Threadz, Mt Socks, and Layer One.

The bitcoinblackfriday.com web portal also hosts educational services like “Bitcoin 101,” “How to get and accept bitcoin,” and “Building the Bitcoin circular economy.” Bitcoinblackfriday.com is now connected with Bitcoin Magazine, but it was originally conceived by the bitcoiner Jon Holmquist in 2012.

In addition to the web portal bitcoinblackfriday.com, the largest crypto payment processor worldwide, Bitpay has announced it is promoting the use of digital assets on Black Friday as well.

“To support crypto users, Bitpay has been working with its merchant partners to extend special offers for crypto purchases on Black Friday, November 27, 2020,” the company explained in a recent announcement. “The full list, as well as a curated list of additional places to spend crypto this holiday season, can be found by visiting the Bitpay merchant directory.”

Spending Sats: A Look at This Year's Bitcoin Black Friday Deals
Consumers can find Bitcoin Black Friday deals via Bitpay’s merchant directory.

With the Bitpay merchant directory, consumers looking for Black Friday deals can spend their crypto at Ace Jewelers, Blocklete Games, Hostkey, Inverdiamond, Murf Electric Bikes, and Atheist Shoes.

“This is a win-win for crypto users and Bitpay merchants,” Bitpay cofounder and CEO, Stephen Pair detailed. “With the price of bitcoin near an all-time high, crypto enthusiasts are looking for a way to cash-in and spend their earnings on holiday gifts and Bitpay merchants want to attract new buyers this holiday buying season. We anticipate these special deals will showcase to merchants and consumers that crypto is one of the fastest and easiest ways to shop,” the Bitpay cofounder added.

Spending Sats: A Look at This Year's Bitcoin Black Friday Deals
Users can also hunt for deals on the website cryptoblackfriday.org, which showcases merchants who accept a variety of crypto assets like LTC, BCH, and ETH.

Lastly, another web portal crypto advocates can leverage to hone in on Black Friday deals is the web portal cryptoblackfriday.org.

“Crypto Black Friday is a directory with online shops where you can pay in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies,” the website notes. “Bitcoin (also via Lightning Network), litecoin, ethereum, dash, bitcoin cash, ripple, binance coin [are] accepted here. This platform was created to celebrate Crypto Black Friday, a one-day event that brings together bitcoin merchants and bitcoin users. The bitcoin user base is growing and the bitcoin payment experience is getting better, the number of crypto merchants is increasing year by year.”

At the time of publication, cryptoblackfriday.org showcases a number of bitcoin and crypto asset-related shops from firms like Ellipal, Bitrefill, Namecheap, Cheapair, Bitgear Australia, and Shopify. There’s also four different sections to choose from which highlight products and services like electronics, clothing, travel, and gift cards.

For instance, in the clothing section crypto spenders could get discounts on items stemming from Airbrushcustoms, Jojovo, the Dallas Mavericks, and Elliemei. In electronics, there are deals from companies like Dish Network, Overclockers UK, Avnet, Openbazaar, and Newegg.

The amount of deals for this year’s Bitcoin Black Friday is quite larger than years prior and merchants are likely pleased to accept the digital asset with market prices so high. Of course as usual a great majority of the merch being sold on Bitcoin Black Friday is crypto-related but there are an awful lot of other deals people can find on traditional items as well.

Because many crypto enthusiasts and bitcoiners have seen their assets increase in value by many multipliers this year, it’s likely they might want to spend some of those gains on trinkets.

What do you think about this year’s Bitcoin Black Friday? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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